For Volunteer Developers

Learn why you should volunteer to empower a nonprofit organization. Earn awesome rewards while helping make the world a better place.

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How It Works

Here's an overview of the process for prospective volunteers. After we confirm your qualifications, you'll join one of our eight-week cycles, where you work at your own pace to build a website for a nonprofit organization at no cost. In the end, you not only help better the world, but you'll also receive rewards!

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1. Match

Our team matches each volunteer developer with a nonprofit whose interests align with their mission.

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2. Develop

Over the course of the eight-week cycle, you work at your own pace to develop an effective web presence for your partnered nonprofit organization!

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3. Rewards

Once you complete the website, you'll receive a rewards pack filled with freebies and highly sought-after memberships from various companies!

Minimum Requirements

Do I Qualify?

To volunteer as a web developer, you must meet the following minimum criteria. If you are eligible, apply via our application portal, and we'll get back to you with a decision within five business days.

  • Fluent in HTML, CSS, JS + 1 CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, etc)
  • Can commit to creating 1 full website over eight weeks
  • Will be receptive to nonprofit organization's opinions and needs
  • Portfolio optional, but a plus
  • Willing to credit the volunteer and Project: Website with a link in website footer
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