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Transforming the Digital Landscape

We're now supporting Squarespace, the industry leading website building platform, to make it even easier for volunteer designers to create free websites for nonprofits.

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Project: Website x SquareSpace

Accelerating Social Good

Squarespace's intuitive platform makes it even easier for designers to provide volunteer services for nonprofits. Their simple drag-and-drop website builder makes it easy for anyone with design experience to create a fully-functional website!

By combining our suite of tools, volunteers can now create websites faster than ever before to help bring awareness to critical social issues around the world. Help drive conversation about world's most pressing issues!

Volunteers and nonprofit participants who choose the Squarespace platform receive exclusive perks!

Nonprofit Benefits:

  • Expedited Website Development Timeframe
  • Easy-to-use Squarespace Editing Platform
  • Exclusive 20% Annual Discount
  • Extended 6-Month Trial
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Volunteer Benefits:

  • Complementary Squarespace Circle Membership
  • Personalized Squarespace Support
  • Extended Product Trials
  • And so much more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost my nonprofit organization?

Our program is completely free and provides nonprofits with a brand new website design!

However, your organization will have to pay for Squarespace plans to continue hosting the site. To help out with the cost, Squarespace is providing an exclusive 20% discount on annual plans for our nonprofits participants! In the long-term Squarespace is much cheaper and easier to manage than a hosted Wordpress site.

Do you provide options other than Squarespace?

Yes! Aside from Squarespace sites, our developers also provide Wordpress, Drual, Joomla, and other similar CMS options.

How can my nonprofit request a Squarespace site?

Submit an application as usual and mention that you'd like a Squarespace site in your application.

How long does it take to build a website?

Volunteers typically complete a Squarespace website within a four to six week period. If your nonprofit's website needs are time-sensitive, we recommend choosing a Squarespace site, as it is much faster than the typical timeframe of eight to twelve weeks for a Wordpress site.

How can I volunteer as a Squarespace developer?

Submit a volunteer application and include Squarespace under your response in the CMS expertise question.

Why should a nonprofit use Squarespace?

Squarespace's award-winning platform is easy-to-use and allows those with no technical experience to easily modify content on their sites. It's particularly useful if your organization does not employ someone with experience with more complex content management systems.

I have another question!

And we have the answer! Check out our general FAQ page. If you don't see an answer there, feel free to contact us!