Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, questions, and more questions! We answer them here, so you don't have to ask!

We know you've got questions. We've included the most common ones here. Can't find your answer? Get in touch with us via the contact form and we'd be happy to help you out!

Is Project: Website a nonprofit organization?

Yes! We are a fiscally sponsored organization, which means that we share a tax ID with our fiscal sponsor, Hack+. This is an IRS-recognized arrangement that allows us to have a nonprofit status without having our own IRS designation. Our tax ID is #81-1543325. All donations are thus tax-deductible.

As a nonprofit organization, how exactly will we be partnered with a web developer?

We will comb through our extensive list of volunteer web developers and match you with someone whose interests align with your organization’s mission. Optionally, we can arrange an informal interview between you and the nonprofit organization to meet them before proceeding with the project.

Is this legit? What’s the catch?

Our program is indeed real! Our team is made up of six motivated students, backed by a team of highly experienced professionals in both the nonprofit and web development sectors! We only partner with qualified volunteer web developers who we believe can skillfully craft a website within the allotted two-month cycle period.

When did Project: Website start?

Our organization was founded in September of 2017. If you want to learn more about our story, visit the about us page!

How will I communicate with the nonprofit organization?

We have a slack server that allows nonprofits and web developers to communicate. We have a private channel for each nonprofit-web developer pair, with a Project: Website representative assigned to each pair to assist! Rest assured--it’s a highly-intuitive platform that doesn’t have much of a learning curve.

How can I update the website by myself?

This is a question that really varies between each web developer. There are a few platforms out there that allow you to edit a website, whether it be Wordpress, Joomla, or anything similar. If you require the ability to edit your website, please let us know in your application, and we’ll ensure that your web developer volunteer is willing to add such functionality to your site.

Do I own the site?

The copyright for all work done through our program is transferred to the nonprofit organization! However, we do require that you allow the volunteer and Project: Website to display it as part of a collection of websites that have been created through our program. We also ask that you credit the volunteer and Project: Website via a link/logo in the footer section of your website.

Can we see some examples of websites you’ve made in the past?

Since each nonprofit organization works with a different volunteer, we can’t provide you with an entire portfolio, since each volunteer has their own. However, rest assured you will be assigned a highly-skilled volunteer web developer who is experienced in both design and implementation.