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Our Mission

Project: Website aims to provide free websites to nonprofit organizations. By strengthening their online presence, we empower their missions and enact positive change in this technological age.

Program Overview

Through each eight-week "cycle," Project: Website provides thirty free websites to thirty nonprofit organizations. Each nonprofit is paired with a volunteer web developer, who works in coordination with a Project: Website representative to craft a attractive and user-friendly website.

We help to facilitate the creation of the website by streamlining the development process. We help the nonprofit organization better understand the steps, alleviating the burden, so each party can focus on what they're good at. Nonprofits can focus on achieving their mission, and developers can focus on the website.

We prevent unnecessary headaches that often arise when working with a traditional web design studio and help to empower the missions of nonprofit organizations around the world. Did we mention it's free?

* More detailed information regarding our program is available on our nonprofit and volunteer specific program pages.

Brand Assets

Below, we have detailed the proper placement of our logos. Our white logo is placed on non-white backgrounds, and our blue logo is placed over white backgrounds. Marks should always be centered and have appropiate padding, as illustrated below.

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