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Press Kit

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Organization Information

Project: Website is a Bay Area-based nonprofit that provides web development services to other nonprofits at no cost. We connect each nonprofit with a professional developer within our global volunteer network. Our program enables nonprofits to better connect with potential supports and donors, which increases their ability to cultivate change in their local communities.


Since January 2019, more than 80 developers from over 25 countries (US, Nigeria, UK, India) have registered as volunteers. Employed by companies like Apple, Visa, and Target, our volunteers dedicate their time and professional skills to improving our global community. We have a dozen nonprofits in our inaugural cohort whose missions combat issues like poverty, literacy, and youth education.

By the end of July, we will have provided over $250,000 worth of free services to nonprofits in the United States and Kenya, impacting every community that the nonprofits serve.

Brand Assets

Below, we have detailed the proper placement of our logos. Our white logo is placed on solid-colored, non-white backgrounds, and our blue logo is placed over white backgrounds. Marks should always be centered and be given appropiate spacing, as illustrated below.

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