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About Us

Read all about it! Project: Website's story, mission, and values.

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Our Mission

Project: Website is a nonprofit organization that provides websites to other nonprofits at no cost. Inspired by a high school project, Project: Website has transformed from a simple idea to a nonprofit organization.

By providing free websites for nonprofits around the world, we enable them to more effectively serve their constituents, leading the way for social change in this digital age.

Our Story

Free websites for nonprofits. A simple idea, with limitless impact.

Project: Website has evolved from a small project into a fully-fledged nonprofit organization backed by volunteers in over 25 different countries. We're here to make a difference. And we're just getting started.


Our Values

As a mission-driven nonprofit, we know what it takes to enact real change. We're driven by three core values that guide our work:

  • Move Fast: The world is rapidly evolving. We must work quickly to enable nonprofits to continue thriving in this digital age.

  • Stay Determined: We've identified an issue and we're here to fix it. The solution seems simple, but the path to success won't be easy.

  • Embrace Change: We're grounded by change. Who's to say we're not open to more? Bring it on.