About Project: Website

Project: Website is a provides free websites to nonprofit organizations by connecting them with volunteer developers.

Our Mission

Project: Website is a nonprofit that aims to provide free websites to other nonprofit organizations. By strengthening their online presence, we hope to empower their missions and enact positive change in this digital age through the work of nonprofit organizations.

The Problem

Try this. Make a quick Google search for a cause that you’re passionate about. How many nonprofits can you find have antiquated websites? Would an outdated website turn you away from donating or volunteering at one of these organizations? The most likely answer is “yes.”

With over 1.9 billion websites and counting on the internet, it’s crucial that nonprofit organizations differentiate themselves in the online space. They can’t afford to just be “another website,” or “another business.” Nonprofits need a well-designed and attractive website that not only illustrates their mission, but also bolsters their reputation.

Our Solution

We have developed a comprehensive program to achieve our mission of providing free websites for nonprofit organizations. Through eight-week “cycles,” we pair thirty nonprofit organizations with thirty volunteer web developers to provide each nonprofit with a new website. We expect to run six cycles per year and in total, provide up to 180 free websites to nonprofit organizations per year.

To attract volunteer web developers, we provide a rewards pack in return for their community service. This pack includes a variety of free memberships and account perks provided by our sponsors! After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

Each nonprofit organization-volunteer group is assigned a Project: Website representative who facilitates the completion of the website. Our representatives oversee the development process from start to finish and help manage all communication between the nonprofit and the volunteer.

Our program alleviates the challenges of website-building and allows nonprofits to focus on what they’re good at: building a better world through charitable deeds!